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passive-aggressive linkage


if you liked “paul gauguin, passive-aggressive artist,” you might enjoy “passive-aggressive vegan grocery cashier: a day in the life,” from the mcsweeney’s archives…or any of the “open letters to people or entities who are unlikely to respond.”

or you might not. perhaps you’re a member of the millennial generation! in that case, you might prefer something a bit more “multimedia.”

this is getting so meta


Frank writes, “Nice blogs….But I would like to point out that your passive-aggressive notes site
is a complete rip-off of a humor piece I wrote over three years ago for the now-defunct humor magazine Jest.”

Well played, Frank! Not only is the piece in question quite humorous indeed, but Frank’s use of classic passive-aggressive conventions (the faint praise, the “helpful” suggestion) in his e-mail about said piece is exemplary.

Read the whole thing here.