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we’re moving (!!!)

that means it’s time for us all to update our bookmarks to!

and if you wouldn’t mind reminding your crazy roommates and coworkers to do the same, that’d be AWESOME — i know they can be a little, um, “forgetful.”

we’re still doing a bit of work on the place, but it’s gonna be way better than this whole sublet arrangement we’ve got going on right now, i promise.

so, why not head on over to right now? just remember to put on your shoes first.

(just look at all the great notes you’re missing!)

but…but…that’s not really passive-aggressive!

um, yeah. we know.

for the purposes of this project, we’re using a pretty broad (and to some extent, arbitrary) definition of “passive-aggressive” — one that roughly correlates with how the term is popularly used. (most people don’t go diving for the dsm IV when someone describes his or her roommate as “so passive-aggressive” — or “so antisocial” or “so sadistic” or “so schizo,” for that matter.)

some of the notes here are really more aggressive, and some of them are just plain passive, but they all share a common sense of frustration that’s been channeled into a written note rather than a face-to-face confrontation.

while it may be more accurate, “asshole-ish notes from roommates, neighbors, coworkers and strangers” just doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as easily, you know?