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a holiday wish


from heidi’s apartment building in kansas city, mo.

says heidi: “the decorating committee of condo owners added lamps to the hallway tables on each floor. someone started turning the lamps off on some floors, and someone else left this note on the bulletin board in the building’s laundry room. ”

gotta love that festive holiday stationery!

to all tennant


my personal favorite from sara k’s oh-so-delightful office sign project.

danke [for the sarcasm]!!!

tim found this note in the basement storeroom of an apartment building in kiel, germany:


tim’s rough translation:

THANKS for filling [up the storeroom]!!!
i was able to get to the meter just SUPER!!!
tenant 5/1 [fifth floor, first apartment]

[hand written at the bottom] many thanks from me too, tenant 5/2

pour la derniere fois!!!

mike in paris brings us this petit message passif-agressif:


<<paris – 28 may 2007


one must do one’s work during the daytime and NOT at night, or else it’s the police that will be working!

for the last time!>>

visual aids always help


from lars in san francisco.

four legs good, two legs bad

i empathize with the note-leaver here, but after reading apt. 10’s response, i can’t help but side with the defendant– especially after melissa in omaha revealed that this particular neighbor posts notes like this quite frequently. because really, that shit is disrespectful.


now you’re just bringing it on yourself, don’t you think?

now you’re just bringing it on yourself, don’t you think?

the latest in a well-documented series.