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boston: a place for friends

angry car notes are pretty common, sure, and most probably wouldn’t qualify as passive-aggressive even by our loose standards. but offering the use of a shovel? that at least earns this note a spot in our top 8.


in her defense, eeka says there were three to four empty spaces available in front of her house when this note was left — two of which she shoveled out herself.

i a beautiful (plus: passive-aggressive challenge #1!)

have a great day man

this amazing and somewhat baffling little note comes to us from tiffanni in atlanta, who looks nothing like a man but is confident enough in her femininity not to be troubled by allegations to the contrary.

says tiffanni: “this was left on my windshield by a lady in the wal-mart parking lot. i guess she was having a bad day.”

i’m not even going to try to parse this note’s logic, but i invite readers to do so in the comments section. the most plausible and/or amusing explanation will win an mp3 of alanis morissette’s “ironic” from the itunes music store (retail value: $0.99).

how about never? does never work for you?

from emily: another example of brooklyn’s seemingly unparalleled commitment to exasperated signage. (as previously documented here.)