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the souls of our shoes

this important safety message is brought to you from an anonymous worker at a call center in toronto…


thanks for eating my lunch


(charlie in los angeles did not eat your lunch.)

to all tennant


my personal favorite from sara k’s oh-so-delightful office sign project.

please ladies please

maybe it’s the manic use of ellipses and exclamation points, but this note makes me very uncomfortable.


says erica in new york city, “as bad as it can get in the ladies’, i’ve been told the men’s bathroom is even worse.”

stay home!!!


(from an anonymous submitter in maryland.)

boston: a place for friends

angry car notes are pretty common, sure, and most probably wouldn’t qualify as passive-aggressive even by our loose standards. but offering the use of a shovel? that at least earns this note a spot in our top 8.


in her defense, eeka says there were three to four empty spaces available in front of her house when this note was left — two of which she shoveled out herself.

four legs good, two legs bad

i empathize with the note-leaver here, but after reading apt. 10’s response, i can’t help but side with the defendant– especially after melissa in omaha revealed that this particular neighbor posts notes like this quite frequently. because really, that shit is disrespectful.