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from the offices of “a large internet company” in northern virginia…


thanks to liz for submitting!

please ladies please

maybe it’s the manic use of ellipses and exclamation points, but this note makes me very uncomfortable.


says erica in new york city, “as bad as it can get in the ladies’, i’ve been told the men’s bathroom is even worse.”

let me help you out


from an anonymous submitter in new york city, who explains: “i was out of the country for a week, and when I came back, I found this gem taped to the bathroom mirror….even though I’ve since moved out of the apartment (after she accused me of peeing on the bathroom floor and into the non-existent bathroom air freshener, and I decided I couldn’t take any more of her), she’s still around (we go to the same school), so I don’t want her to accidentally stumble upon this and cause me more hell.”

passive perfectionism


from corey in winnipeg.

the mad bomber, act 3: we are watching you

if you missed them, act 1 and act 2.

mad bomber, act 3

sadly, season one of this series ends with a dramatic cliffhanger ending!

will the mad bomber be caught in the act? will richard g. sells post another sign outing the bomber for public humiliation and condemnation?

we can only hope.

the mad bomber, act 2: please stay seated during the entire performance

if you missed it, act 1.


act 3 coming soon…

“that shit is disrespectful”


mike gets the last word in this exchange.