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this room is protected by the constitution

this isn’t just a note — it’s a work of art. and it’s about 100 shades of amazing.

i’ll let rich explain:

i had a party at my house once in college, and one of our roommates who was going to be gone was really scared that someone was going to sleep in his bed. so, instead of, you know, telling us not to use his room, he decided to post this hilarious note that only an aspiring personal injury lawyer could produce.

which one of these is not like the other?

along with the mad bomber series, i’d say this note is one for the hall of fame. there are so many amazing elements here i can’t even pick a favorite.



studying up on bedside manner might not be a bad idea

CC found this note in one of the study carrels at her large midwestern med school:


this was her response:


(she continues on a second page.)

thanks for eating my lunch


(charlie in los angeles did not eat your lunch.)

there you go, bringing Him into it again



(from sarah’s AMAZING photo set, “notes on theft”, and from james in beaumont, texas.)

the post-it wars

after receiving numerous “helpful tips” from her roommate at the university of minnesota…


sponge.jpg dishes.jpg

lydia decided to add a few post-its of her own.


(the large signs on the oven and the microwave were already there.)

cereal killer


the cap’n is saying, “ian: If I catch you eating this delicious cereal, I’ll kill you in your sleep. love, dan.”

(“my roommate ian kept eating all the cereal i bought before i had a chance to have even a single bowl,” dan explains.)