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which one of these is not like the other?

along with the mad bomber series, i’d say this note is one for the hall of fame. there are so many amazing elements here i can’t even pick a favorite.



to put it as politely as possible


from andrea in astoria, queens, who promises more to come.

(yeah, it’s hard to read, but worth squinting over, i promise.)

UPDATE: andrea has posted a transcription of the note here.

i swear this isn’t some kind of stealth viral marketing campaign

…but hot pockets are totally the car radios of the communal freezer.

exhibit a: new york city hotpocketnyc.jpg

exhibit b: southern oregon


exhibit c: washington, d.c.


exhibit d: oahu, hawaii


thanks to beth at columbia and dj shaggy for their help in uncovering this phenomenon.

care: it makes a difference

this girl is like the archetypal freshman roommate, no?


from megan in charleston, who was not the slob that this note might suggest.

a single unit


from an auto shop somewhere between new york and atlantic city.

at first glace, this doesn’t seem to fit the criteria for a true passive-aggressive note — observe the absence of faux niceties like “please” or “thanks!!!”– but the pseudo-helpful clarification (“this means pants + shirts as a single unit…”) help inch it just over the line.