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let’s talk washing up shall we

any note that starts with “let’s” i kind of immediately love. this one was forwarded by lindsay in watford, england:

is that a question or a command!?!?


found on the company dishwasher by pete m. at the bottom: “if you would like a lesson in telling the difference between the machine being on or not, please see reception.” (now that’s a power point presentation i’d love to see.)


from the offices of “a large internet company” in northern virginia…


thanks to liz for submitting!

the souls of our shoes

this important safety message is brought to you from an anonymous worker at a call center in toronto…


thanks for eating my lunch


(charlie in los angeles did not eat your lunch.)

this is your “last warning”


a doozy from our pals over at the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks.

the eleventh plague

oh, how i love (totally tacky) reply-all e-mails.


thanks to kate in new york city, who says she has a whole inbox full of e-mails like this from the coworkers at her law firm.